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7 Tips For Choosing A Commercial Boiler Company

A broken down boiler can seriously interrupt your business. Here are seven tips for picking a commercial boiler company for repairs, maintenance and installations:

  1. Pick a company that is highly experienced and can deal with any issue. With a history stretching back to the Victorian age, TW Ward Industrial Boilers has been in business for a long time. We’re now one of the industry leaders in commercial and industrial boiler servicing.

  2. Find a company that understands the unique demands of a commercial or industrial boiler. Our engineers deliver repairs, servicing and maintenance for many types of boilers.

  3. Use engineers that ensure all burners and controls are maintained to original specifications set by the manufacturers. That comes guaranteed when you choose our commercial boiler company.

  4. Look for a company that offers a 24-hour emergency service, so you’re never left in the cold. We’re available for 7 days a week throughout the UK.

  5. Also look for engineers who carry out annual inspections. TW Ward Industrial Boilers Ltd can help you meet the requirements of your insurance company, with our engineers preparing your boiler, valves and fittings, for a cold survey inspection, hydraulic and NDT testing.

  6. Find a company that prides themselves on both excellent workmanship and customer service. Our team is renowned for both quality work and support throughout the process.

  7. If you wish to save money on a new commercial boiler, find a company that offers reconditioned models.

If you’re looking for a commercial boiler company, discover more reasons to choose our team today. Or get in touch for more information.

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