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TW Ward have extensive experience in repairing, servicing and maintaining industrial boilers. We know how important it is for your industrial boilers to be running efficiently.

Every year you must carry out an annual boiler inspection (ABI). This is a legal requirement for your business to keep your staff safe, and one that our skilled engineers can help you with. 

Every 5 years your boiler needs to be prepared for its NDT. TW Ward Industrial Boilers can help you with that preparation.

Emergency Breakdown

Our emergency breakdown service is offered 24 hours a day 

7 days a week.

Annual Inspection

To help you meet the requirements of your insurance company our engineers will prepare your boiler, valves and fittings, for a cold survey inspection, hydraulic and NDT testing. 

Pressure Vessel Repair

Our certified coded welders are on hand to help with any repairs your system requires. This includes replacement tube, ligament cracks and 'D' patched. These all meet the appropriate BS and ASME standards.

Valve Overhaul or Repair

We offer our customers a comprehensive in-house service when it comes to overhaul and repair. We can test, repair and replace a wide range of valves for steam, water and compressed air, including crown, safety, non return, blowdown, and check and reducing valves. We will provide the required certification where applicable.

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